Zinobis - Project Management

You are on the verge of implementing a new business unit or altering an existing one. However, within your company you do not have the knowledge or the time available to settle it yourself. At this point Zinobis can be your helping hand. Besides, the importance of an external coordinator cannot be denied: without the obstruction of possible emotional company background, the project objectives will be obtained more easily

Years of practical experience in project management have enabled us to develop solid knowledge of all possible aspects that can occur during the project. In a first phase, our consultant will determine mile-stones in the project, together with you. These mile-stones will be transposed into clean-cut steps that all together constitute the project plan: clear for everyone and motivating to collaborate.

Zinobis will not limit itself to guide your project on paper, we will also take care of the practical organisation within your company. Zinobis coordinates all phases throughout all divisions: Human Resources, Purchase, ICT,... We will constantly monitor and report the achieved progress and will not loose the initial target out of sight.

Through the whole project, Zinobis will provide frequent, clear management reports that enable you to keep posted on every step taken.